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Authored by Nicole Colwell, / Medically Reviewed by Dr. Conor Sheehy, PharmD, BCPS
Last Updated: September 15, 2022

Prescription medication is very costly for people to pay for out of pocket and even when they have insurance there may be a high copay. People should be able to access the medication they need. The Rx Advocates’ life’s work is to assist people in obtaining the medication that they need in order to live a healthy and quality life at a reasonable price.

People should never feel stress over whether or not they can afford to purchase their medication. The Rx Advocates aim to take that stress away. We help people save money on their prescription medications through patient assistance programs.

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Who are The Rx Advocates?

The Rx Advocates are an advocacy program that is recognized across the United States. Currently, we work with more than 100 United States-based pharmaceutical manufacturers’ patient assistance programs. Among the medications we help people to have access to at an affordable price are the top 100 medications recommended by doctors. There are more than 800 FDA medications that we help people to have access to at reasonable prices.

When patients sign up with The Rx Advocates, they will never be blindsided by hidden fees. Patients pay a set service fee each month that is based on the number of medications that we help them obtain at a reasonable price. The service fee is $70 if the patient needs only one medication. Patients with two medications will never pay more than $80 each month. If a patient needs 3 medications the set service fee to access those medications is $90 each month.  For patients needing 4 or more medications, their service fee is $100. Their monthly medications will be provided at no additional cost.

The Rx Advocates, is not a health insurance plan, prescription discount card, or coupon. We are a program that is involved in helping people receive the medication they need so they can have peace of mind knowing that they have what they need to live a quality life mentally and physically. When patients sign up with us and allow us to come to their aid, they discover that they are able to get their medications at a much more affordable price than a coupon or savings card can give them.

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Do I Qualify for Januvia Patient
Assistance with The Rx Advocates?

People must meet the following criteria to qualify for Januvia Patient Assistance:

  • Individuals meet the criteria if their annual income is up to $40,000.
  • Couples meet the criteria if together their annual income is up to $60,000.
  • Large families meet the criteria if their annual income is up to $100,000.

Guidelines vary from program to program. Please contact us so that we can evaluate and see if you qualify to receive our services. We look forward to evaluating your situation to see if we can further serve you.

Januvia Prescription Discounts:
Frequently Asked Questions

Januvia (sitagliptin) is a medication used to help lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus. The starting dose for Januvia is 100 mg by mouth once daily. 

Tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis before starting Januvia because it can trigger a recurrence. If you feel pain in your stomach that leads to your back and does not go away, stop taking Januvia, and call your doctor immediately. 

Before taking Januvia, if you have ever had heart failure or kidney problems tell your doctor. 

There are other medications people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes may take in an endeavor to lower their blood sugar such as:

Patients with Type 2 diabetes should consult with their doctor about which medication is best for them. It is possible that patients may need to try several ones so they can locate the one that keeps their blood sugar at a safe level. 

As of September 2022, the average retail cost of Januvia is $640.44.

The price of Januvia can vary based on a few different factors. Some of the reasons prices could vary include:

  • If the patient has prescription coverage
  • Which pharmacy is used to get the prescription
  • The patient’s location, some parts of the country can be more expensive

The starting dose for Januvia is 100 mg by mouth once daily.

We do not offer Januvia coupons but we feel it is important that people understand how these coupons work. Many people explore the Internet for Januvia coupons when they are prescribed this medication because it is a very expensive medication. People should know that coupons do not offer the type of savings that can really make a difference. They do not offer ongoing savings and with prescription medications, people need ongoing help in keeping the cost low.

Januvia coupons do save people some money; however, these coupons still leave people paying hundreds of dollars for their medication.

Prescription drug coupons have other names they are called such as: Copay cards, copay coupons, copay assistance programs, and pharmacy coupons.

Prescription drug coupons generally represent a program that has been funded by the pharmaceutical company that will assist people in lowering their out-of-pocket drug costs for medications. While this sounds helpful, these coupons can have drawbacks such as the following:

  • Coupons are usually only for a certain time frame. Coupons may help people get started on their medication at a significantly lower price; however, the savings do not continue from month to month to keep the price low.
  • Some coupons only cover the first month of a prescription but they fail to cover subsequent months.
  • Patients will need to leave the comfort of their home to go to the Pharmacy to pick up medication and present the coupon to the pharmacist in order to obtain the savings.

A prescription discount card is a card that allows people to receive lower drug costs for their prescription medications. These cards are most beneficial to people who pay for their medications with cash. These cards can be obtained for free, and they are accessible to people whether they have health insurance or not. 

Many savings programs bargain for their drug discounts on medications like Januvia. Patients are in a position to secure lower prices for their medications through their prescription discount cards.

Copay assistance programs or copay coupons help offset the cost of the copay for prescriptions for those who have health insurance. These programs are not for people who would have to pay for their medications out of pocket.

Many brand-name medications offer this type of help as a way to encourage providers and patients to choose them over the lower-cost generic version. Here is a great example of how this works: 

A patient has a choice between a $1,300 brand-name medication and a $100 generic medication. Under their insurance plan, their copay would be $20 regardless of which one they choose. However,  with a copay assistance program, the pharmaceutical company makes a lot more money on the brand name drug. They have made it more alluring to the patient by covering their copay and their insurance company still has to pay the remaining $1,280 for the drug.

Get Januvia Discounts Every Month
Through The Rx Advocates

At The Rx Advocates, it is our mission to provide aid to people to help them to be able to afford their monthly medications. That is why we work with so many patient assistance programs. This joint effort revamps the process of getting discounts and removes the need for people to search for drug coupons for medications like Januvia. 

Patient assistance programs are so helpful for people with or without health insurance. They make it possible for people to have access to the medications they need without having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on them. They permit people to stay home and just relax as they wait for their medication to come in the mail rather than go out to the pharmacy and pick it up. The Rx Advocates make it easy for people. 

Would you like to learn more about how The Rx Advocates can help you have access to your medication at an affordable price? We are here to help. We can check to see if you are eligible and get you started on our program right away. Please contact us for assistance.

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