Trulicity for Weight Loss

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If you are an adult with Type 2 diabetes and struggle with your weight, Trulicity may be able to help.

Trulicity helps adults suffering from Type 2 diabetes have more control over blood sugar, resulting in more weight loss than most other medications used to treat diabetes alone.

How Does Trulicity Work?

Trulicity is a part of a class of drugs called a GLP-1 agonist, or a Glucagon-like Peptide 1.

Trulicity mimics the action of a hormone that is in the body which stimulates the production of insulin.

It is unclear exactly how GLP-1 drugs cause weight loss, but it is clear that they help to control blood sugar within the body.

Trulicity helps stimulate the body to produce more insulin when you eat. When you have extra insulin produced, your blood sugar levels are lower.

Studies have proven that GLP-1 agonists not only help to lower blood sugar, but also curb your appetite. Lower blood sugar levels coupled with less appetite can help you lose weight.

You are not alone! If you have Type 2 diabetes, there is a high likelihood that you have also struggled with maintaining a healthy weight.

A study found that out of 382 patients treated at a clinic for Type 2 diabetes, 31.2% of them were overweight, 39.9% were obese, and 6.3% were morbidly obese.

How Does Trulicity Control Blood Sugar?

Trulicity helps to control blood sugar by:

  • Limiting how much sugar gets into your blood from the liver
  • Slowing down how quickly food leaves the stomach
  • Helping the pancreas to release insulin in response to high levels of sugar after you eat

Trulicity lowers your A1C. The A1C test measures your average blood sugar levels over the past three months.

The A1C test is the most common way to diagnose diabetes and the main test you and your practitioner will use to monitor and manage your diabetes.

Higher A1C levels cause you to develop complications from diabetes. Reaching your A1C goals is important in managing diabetes and maintaining a healthy weight.

Understanding how the A1C test works and the results mean is important.

Results of the A1C test:

Normal A1C Below 5.7%
Prediabetes5.7% – 6.4%
Diabetes6.5% or higher

If you have Type 2 diabetes, your goal will be to keep your A1C level under 7. Your goals may vary based on other factors, such as your age and other medical conditions.

Discuss your A1C goals with your Endocrinologist or Primary Care Physician.

How Does Trulicity Help You Lose Weight?

Your body can only burn fat when it senses insulin levels dropping. If your insulin levels remain high, it becomes nearly impossible to lose weight.

Trulicity triggers the body to release insulin while eating, decreasing your blood sugar levels. Trulicity helps you eat less.

If you combine taking Trulicity with adding some lifestyle changes, weight loss will be the result.

How Do You Take Trulicity?

Trulicity is taken:

  • Once per week
  • Through an easy-to-use pen
  • Any time of the day
  • With or without food

In a study among Trulicity users, 94% confirmed that Trulicity is easy to use. Trulicity gives you more freedom and flexibility than other medications used to treat diabetes.

You should take Trulicity on the same day every week. But, if you need to switch days, this is an option. Ensure it has been at least three days since your last dose.

The easy-to-use pen makes it so you never have to handle the needle for injection.

The pen is easily discarded after each use. The risk of contamination or infection is low.

You can take Trulicity at any time of the day. You do not have to worry about taking it on an empty stomach or with food.

Furthermore, you can choose when and how you take it.

Other Benefits of Taking Trulicity

The FDA has also approved using Trulicity with adults with Type 2 diabetes to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Trulicity is known to help prevent heart disease in people with diabetes.

Trulicity may be the best drug for you if you have a pre-existing heart condition or are at risk for heart disease.

Trulicity also reduces the risk of heart failure, stroke, and kidney disease.

It also assists with controlling your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is unclear if this results from the drug or a secondary reaction to losing weight.

Which Dosage of Trulicity is Right for You?

You need to find the correct dose of Trulicity that will help you lose weight. Higher doses of Trulicity had a better outcome of people losing weight.

Before 2020, the only doses approved by the FDA of Trulicity were 0.75 mg and 1.5 mg. But, taking Trulicity at higher doses, including 3.0 mg and 4.5 mg, had better outcomes with weight loss.

The FDA approved the higher doses of Trulicity based on the AWARD-11 clinical trial. This trial evaluated individuals after taking a higher dose for 36 weeks and found that:

  • Individuals taking a dose of 4.5 mg reduced their A1C by 1.9% and experienced an average weight loss of 10.4 pounds.
  • Individuals taking a dose of 3.0 mg reduced their A1C by 1.7% and experienced an average weight loss of 8.8 pounds.
  • Individuals taking a dose of 1.5 mg (the original lower dose) reduced their A1C by 1.5% and experienced an average weight loss of 6.8 pounds.

Talk to your doctor today about which dose of Trulicity is right for you. Increase the dose of Trulicity to increase the amount of weight loss that you experience.

Who Should Be Cautious About Taking Trulicity?

In clinical trials, Trulicity increased the chances of rats developing thyroid tumors. It is unknown if this is also the case with humans.

People with a family history of thyroid cancer and other thyroid issues are not recommended to take Trulicity.

How Do I Afford Trulicity?

If you have decided to try Trulicity as a medication to help control your A1C and to help promote weight loss, don’t delay and try today.

Don’t worry if you do not have insurance or if your insurance company chooses not to cover Trulicity. We can help!

Contact us today at The Rx Advocates to discuss how we can help you examine your options to make Trulicity part of your Type 2 diabetes treatment.

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