14 Ways to Save on Your Ozempic Prescription

14 Ways to Save on Your Ozempic Prescription

Authored by The Rx Advocates, / Medically Reviewed by Dr. Conor Sheehy, PharmD, BCPS
Last Updated: January 3, 2022


Ozempic is a medication that is used to help improve blood sugar levels in people with Type 2 diabetes. But it can be expensive, and some people struggle to afford their monthly prescriptions.

There are many ways people can save money on their monthly Ozempic prescriptions. In this post, you’ll learn how to get Ozempic for less using 14 effective strategies. 

How to Save Money On Your Ozempic Prescription

Medications can be expensive. Sometimes the insurance does not cover all of the costs and the out-of-pocket expense can take its toll on monthly budgets. If this is the case, there are options.

Here are some ways that you can save on your Ozempic prescription.

1. Patient Assistance Programs

There are many patient assistance programs available that can help you cover at least part of the cost of Ozempic. These programs are typically sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.

Patient assistance programs can help people who either don’t have health insurance or that have high copays or poor prescription coverage. Many of these programs have income guidelines and other criteria that must be met in order to get assistance.

One of the biggest criticisms of working with patient assistance programs is how challenging it can be to complete the application process and get approved. Some are very confusing, which causes many patients to seek out alternative options to get financial help.

2. Prescription Drug Vouchers

A prescription drug voucher/coupon is designed to offer a discount on a specific medication. Many pharmaceutical companies offer them online, and in some cases, they may be available at pharmacies.

Using a coupon to help pay for your medication can work well as a short-term solution for savings. However, most are only intended for one-time use, or they may expire after a few months.

But they can help people afford their medication immediately, which gives them time to set up an alternative solution for financial assistance.

3. Use Your Health Insurance or Shop for a New Policy

If you have health insurance, make sure you give your prescription card to your pharmacy so they can process it.

If, for some reason, the insurance company denies coverage for your medication, they likely have an appeals process in place. You can file for an appeal, and your pharmacy may be able to help you figure out a solution while you wait for an answer.

If Ozempic – as well as other medications prescribed for you – are consistently too expensive, you may want to consider shopping for a different insurance provider. It may mean that you need to pay a little more for your monthly insurance premium, but it most likely will result in significant savings in the long term.

4. Don’t Use Your Insurance

It might seem strange, but sometimes using your health insurance can actually make some medications even more expensive. This is because some insurance companies require high copays.

This might not be the case for you, but it’s worth exploring. Call your pharmacy and ask what your copay for Ozempic would be compared to its cost without using your insurance. At least then, you’ll have enough information and you can go from there.

5. Request an Insurance Formulary

If you need to save money on Ozempic and other monthly prescriptions, you may want to ask your health insurance company for a drug formulary. This is a list of medications that they will cover, at least in part.

It’s a good idea to have this list in hand when you go to your doctor to talk about your diabetes medications. You can look at it together and find a medication or a combination of medications that will be more affordable for you.

6. Buy Medications from the Insurance Company Directly

There are some health insurance companies that allow patients to purchase medications directly from them. That means you wouldn’t be going through a pharmacy at all.

This is definitely an option that you may want to explore. Patients with Medicare or Medicaid may find that they can save a significant amount of money each month on the medications they need.

7. Ask Your Doctor About an Alternative Medication

If you’ve exhausted all options for a medication that your doctor wants you to take and it’s still not affordable, it may be time to talk about an alternative instead.

In some cases, this might mean taking a generic medication instead of a brand-name one. Or, it’s possible that your health insurance company will cover a completely different brand-name medication.

Some newer drugs on the market cost a lot more, or they may require extensive testing before an insurance provider will cover them. Your doctor should be able to offer you some direction and help you find a medication that will be both affordable and effective.

8. Use a Pharmacy Savings Card

Smaller, local pharmacies may not have savings cards for their patients, but larger, national pharmacies often do. Regardless, it’s worth taking a trip and talking with your pharmacist or even a pharmacy tech about your options.

Some pharmacy savings cards save patients a substantial amount of money on every prescription they fill. And even if your pharmacy doesn’t have savings cards or member cards, they may still be able to give you some ideas on how to make your medication more affordable.

9. Consider Purchasing Your Medications Online

Many patients save a significant amount of money every month by purchasing their prescriptions online instead of at a brick-and-mortar pharmacy. This is something you should be careful with, but as long as you go about it the right way, it can work.

If you decide to purchase your medications online, please make sure the pharmacy you choose is accredited. The pharmacy should be enrolled in the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) program.

As long as you’re purchasing your medication from a reputable online pharmacy, you shouldn’t run into any problems. However, making sure it’s reputable is key. The last thing you want is to find that you’ve purchased counterfeit pills that could be detrimental to your health.

Also, make sure any online pharmacy you choose offers a way for you to talk with a pharmacist if you need to. The company should also have a verifiable physical address and phone number.

10. Try to Get Samples from Your Doctor

Even though prescription drug samples aren’t nearly as common today as they used to be, they are often still available.

Years ago, doctors would willingly offer samples to their patients when they wanted them to try a medication to see if it would work well for them. That practice isn’t as common as it once was.

But doctors do still receive regular visits from pharmaceutical company representatives, and more often than not, they leave them samples for their patients. It’s worth talking with your doctor to find out if that’s an option for you for Ozempic.

11. Use Your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account

Health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) are often forgotten because money is automatically transferred to them from patients’ paychecks. But these accounts are designed to offer you assistance with anything you need that’s related to your health.

The best part about HSAs and FSAs is the fact that the money in them is deposited before it gets taxed. You can easily get reimbursed for your monthly Ozempic prescription, other prescriptions, and many other medical expenses.

12. Consider Alternative Treatment Options

If you’ve exhausted most of your options, and your medication still isn’t affordable for you, it may be time to consider some alternative treatment options.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor and get their input, but some things you may want to consider include:

  • Going on a special diet that will help you control your blood sugar levels.
  • Joining a gym (often reimbursable with insurance) or getting some other form of regular exercise.
  • Alternative therapies, such as acupuncture.
  • Taking supplements instead of medications.

Again, talk with your doctor before beginning any of the above.

13. Ask for a 90-Day Supply 

Most people don’t realize this, but they can often save money on their Ozempic prescriptions simply by asking for a 90-day supply instead of a 30-day supply.

There are pharmacies that offer in-house discounts for ordering in bulk, and this could make taking your medication more convenient for you too. You’ll only need to pick up your medication a few times a year rather than every month, or you can get it sent directly to your home if you order online.

14. Talk with Your Local Social Services Department

Many people struggle to pay for their monthly medications, and if your doctor feels that you need Ozempic, your local Department of Social Services may have some options for you.

Try doing some research online or visit the office in your community. They may direct you to local programs that can help you.

Who We Are

Here at The Rx Advocates, we help you apply for financial help from patient assistance programs and can get your medications at no additional cost. You only pay for our services.  

Many drug companies have programs to help patients have access to medications that work best for them. The problem is, most people either are not aware of these programs or they don’t know how to go about navigating the application process.

That is where we come in. We work with patients and their doctors to prepare applications. We will then apply to the appropriate patient assistance programs on your behalf.

Once the application is filed, we will follow up to ensure that it has been received and is being processed.

Once your application is approved, we will handle managing your prescription refills to ensure you do not have to go without Ozempic, or any other medication you need.

This program is for name-brand medications only and not for any generic prescriptions.

How Does Assistance From The Rx Advocates Cost?

If a patient is denied the medications, we refund all of the monthly fees that have been paid. The fee of $35 for enrollment is nonrefundable.

Once a patient is approved, medications that are in our program are all free. The only cost to you is the service fee. The service fee is variable based on how many medications per month you are approved for.

Our services are on a month-to-month basis and members can cancel anytime.

We can help save hundreds of dollars every month on prescriptions such as Ozempic for our members. If paying for medications is a concern for you, please contact us today so we can talk with you and see what we can do to help.

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