11 Ways to Save on an Entresto Prescription

Authored by The Rx Advocates, / Medically Reviewed by Dr. Conor Sheehy, PharmD, BCPS


Entresto is a prescription medication used to treat the symptoms of heart failure. This is a disease that does not go away. Anyone with heart failure will probably need medication for the rest of their life.

Entresto is an important medication that is also very expensive. Sometimes the people who need Entresto the most have a hard time being able to pay for it. Saving money on prescriptions becomes a priority.

Entresto Savings

The average retail cost of Entresto at a pharmacy for 60 tablets is $748.73 (pricing as of June 2022). There is not yet a generic version of Entresto, even though it was approved in 2015.

Someone without prescription drug coverage will have to pay retail prices for their medication unless they find a way to save money on them. People who do have prescription drug coverage may still have to pay a significant amount of money for Entresto. Some prescription drug plans are still expensive.

Here are some ways to save money on Entresto.

1. Medication Assistance Programs

Medication assistance programs are available from the pharmaceutical company that makes a prescription drug. In the case of Entresto that would be Novartis Pharmaceuticals. If a person qualifies for the program, they will get the medication free.

These programs are not always advertised and many people do not know that they even assist.

These programs can also be hard to get into. There can be a lot of paperwork and phone calls, making it a confusing process for some people. The Rx Advocates can help simplify the process of applying to patient assistance programs.

2. Entresto Trial Offer

Novartis Pharmaceuticals does offer a free trial of Entresto. It does not matter if the individual has insurance or not to use the free trial offer.

To use this offer individuals must take the offer to a participating pharmacy along with their prescription for Entresto.

This is a one-time offer for a thirty-day supply (up to sixty tablets). However, you can only use this one time. Afterward, they must pay for the prescription at the insurance or retail price.

3. Entresto Co-Pay Card

With an Entresto co-pay card, some people can get their prescription for $10. This program is available to individuals with private insurance. There are limits attached to this program.

The limit for this program is $3,250 in one calendar year. The person has to pay their regular co-pay once that limit is reached. This program cannot be combined with any other discounts or coupons.

Anyone who wants to use the co-pay card should check with their insurance first. Some health plans will not accept this co-pay card. This program is not available to individuals who have Medicare, Medicaid, or any federal or state insurance program.

4. Entresto Co-Pay Card Rebate

Some people who can not use the co-pay card can request a rebate from the co-pay card program. They must still fit the requirements for the co-pay card program.

This can help individuals whose pharmacy does not accept the co-pay card. A rebate may also be possible for those who use a mail-order pharmacy. People must submit the rebate request to the co-pay card program.

5. Internet Pharmacies

After getting a prescription from the doctor a patient can check online pharmacies. People can save money by using the online pharmacy and having their prescriptions mailed to them.

With some online pharmacies, someone can pay online and print proof of payment. Then pick up the prescription at a participating local pharmacy.

Internet pharmacies buy in bulk from drugmakers to get a better deal. This can save money for people who do not have insurance. Sometimes the online deals are less expensive than insurance co-pays.

Everyone who buys their prescription medications online should make sure that it is a reputable company. There are some websites that sell fake medications for cheap. Safe pharmacies should be part of the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) program.

The online pharmacy price for Entresto is still over $300 for 28 tablets in the United States.

6. Discount Card Programs

Several online discount card programs help people save money on prescription medications. You can print the discount card and bring it to the pharmacy. These discount cards cannot be combined with insurance.

People have to choose if they want to use the discount card or their insurance plan. Sometimes the discount card is less expensive than their co-pay. With a discount card, a one-month supply of Entresto could cost between $620 and $655.

7. Ask the Doctor for Free Samples

Pharmaceutical company representatives do still visit doctors to talk about different medications that are available. They often leave samples with the doctors for patients to try. It is possible that a patient might be able to use some samples to get started on Entresto.

8. Ask for a 90-Day Prescription

Health care providers can write prescriptions for a 90 day supply instead of a 30-day supply. This could be new information for some people.

Getting three months of Entresto at one time has a few benefits. A patient would only have to go pick up their prescription a few times for the year. This saves time and energy.

A 90-day supply of Entresto can also save money. Some pharmacies offer a discount for bulk orders.

9. Use a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account

Some people may have the option to start a flexible spending account or health savings account with their employer. Each paycheck some money would automatically be deducted and sent to the account before taxes.

These accounts can be used for many health-related items throughout the year. This includes an Entresto prescription. With a health savings account the money can build up over the years. A flexible spending account must be used up by the end of each year, or the money is lost.

10. Ask for a Different Prescription Medication

While Entresto is unique in the way it treats heart failure symptoms, it is not the only option. If a patient just cannot find a way to afford Entresto they can ask for a different medication.

Doctors should be able to find another medication to help each patient’s heart failure symptoms. Some older brand name medications might have a generic option.

Generic medications have the same ingredients as brand name medications. Generic drugs go through the same approval process from the FDA. They work just as well to treat symptoms and they cost less.

11. Pharmacy Savings Cards and Programs

Large chain pharmacies might have their own prescription medication program or savings cards. There can be lists of specific medications that have discounts. An example would be Walmart’s $4 generic medication list.

Some chain pharmacies have club cards that can be used for savings and other offers. All someone has to do is sign up and scan their card each time they pick up their prescription.

Smaller local pharmacies may not have an option like this. But, the pharmacist may have ideas on how to save their customers some money on the medications they need each month. It can be beneficial to ask some questions.

Saving Money on Entresto Prescriptions With The Rx Advocates

The Rx Advocates is not an insurance program or discount card. We do not hand out coupons or rebates for prescription drugs.

The Rx Advocates help people connect with the patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies.

We work with people and their doctors to put together the applications for the patient assistance programs. Then we file the application with the pharmaceutical company for you.

Then we follow up with the pharmaceutical companies to make sure the application was received and they are working on it. After the application is approved we continue to do the work to keep your medication coming on time. This includes handling refills.

Sometimes people with heart failure also have other medical issues. The Rx Advocates can help with medications other than Entresto. We help people afford over 800 brand name prescription medications.

Once the applications are approved the only cost to you is the monthly service fee. It is $80 per month for one medication.

For a second medication, the total monthly fee is $90. A third medication is $100. Four or more medications each month will not be over $110.

Service through The Rx Advocates is month to month. Anyone can cancel at any time. There is a one-time enrollment fee of $35.

The Rx Advocates can help people afford their Entresto prescription. Heart failure is a serious disease, there is no cure.

Proper treatment of heart failure improves someone’s quality of life. Contact us today to get started.

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