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Authored by Nicole Colwell, / Medically Reviewed by Dr. Conor Sheehy, PharmD, BCPS
Last Updated: September 15, 2022

A large group of people depend on Xarelto to maintain their health, but it can be awfully expensive and difficult to afford. Filling your monthly prescription of Xarelto can be extremely expensive without the help of coupons or discounts. Helping people afford their medications is our priority at The Rx Advocates.

Choosing between paying bills or buying needed medication should never be a decision someone has to make. Saving money on medications is possible through patient assistance programs and The Rx Advocates can help people accomplish that.

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Who are The Rx Advocates?

The Rx Advocates provides people assistance in receiving prescription medications through patient assistance programs. Many pharmaceutical companies have patient assistance programs to help people with the high cost of medications. Patients who qualify can receive their medications at a significantly lower cost. The Rx Advocates have access to over 800 FDA-approved medications, including the 100 most prescribed medications in the United States.

Patients who use The Rx Advocates pay a fixed service fee of $70-$100 per month depending on how many different medications are being received. There are no additional costs or hidden charges, and patients’ medications are free to them each month.

The Rx Advocates is not a coupon, insurance plan, or discount card. When patients work with us, they receive our knowledge of navigating patient assistance programs without stress and confusion. We help people afford the medications they need.

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Do I Qualify for Xarelto Patient
Assistance with The Rx Advocates?

The Rx Advocates help thousands of Americans be able to afford their medications every month. Patients will pay only $60 to $90 based on how many prescriptions we are helping them obtain. Each pharmaceutical company has its own guidelines for the programs they offer, most of the programs follow these requirements:

  • Individuals may participate if they earn up to $40,000 annually.
  • Couples may participate if they earn up to $60,000 annually.
  • Large families may participate if they earn up to $100,000 annually.
Contact The Rx Advocates to discuss your specific situation.

Xarelto Prescription Discounts:
Frequently Asked Questions

Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is a prescription medication used to help prevent blood clots.  Xarelto is used in people with high clot risk like those with atrial fibrillation, after hip or knee surgery, and in patients with a previous history of clots.

Atrial fibrillation is an irregular heartbeat, also known as an arrhythmia. The irregular heartbeat interferes with the blood flow through the heart causing blood to pool in the upper chambers. The pooling blood can create dangerous blood clots that travel to other parts of the body. Xarelto slows down the formation of blood clots by shutting off the clotting factor Xa.

Xarelto is also used to treat venous thromboembolism. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is when a blood clot forms in a deep vein usually in the lower extremities, but can sometimes form in a person’s arm. This can be a dangerous situation. If a piece breaks off and travels to the lungs it can create a pulmonary embolism. A pulmonary embolism happens when a blood clot gets caught in an artery of the lungs. This is a serious situation that damages the lungs, creates breathing problems, and could be deadly.

There are some people who should not take Xarelto. This includes people with an artificial heart valve. People with abnormal bleeding or who are allergic to any of the ingredients should not take Xarelto. Pregnant women or those who are planning to become pregnant should talk to their doctor before starting Xarelto, as it can cause bleeding in the mother and fetus.

There are a few other medications to treat atrial fibrillation that have been approved by the FDA.

As of September 2022, the average retail cost of Xarelto is $599.81.

The cost of Xarelto can vary based on a number of factors:

  •         Whether the patient has prescription health coverage
  •         What pharmacy the patient uses
  •         Where the patient lives
  •         The dosage amount prescribed

There is no generic form of Xarelto available. This medication comes as a film-coated tablet in 2.5mg, 10mg, 15mg, and 20mg.

The Rx Advocates do not offer coupons, but we would like to explain some coupon details. When a patient is prescribed Xarelto they may do an internet search for coupons. Xarelto is expensive, especially if they do not have good insurance or no coverage at all. Coupons can help, but a patient could still be paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

There are several different names for prescription medication coupons.

  •         Copay assistance programs
  •         Copay coupons
  •         Copay cards
  •         Pharmacy coupons
  •         Trial offer card

Most of these programs are offered by the medication manufacturer. Janssen, the manufacturer of Xarelto, has a 30-day free trial offer for those with a prescription who qualify. Patients must meet eligibility requirements and if approved it is a once per lifetime coupon. However, this coupon is not available for the 10mg dose.

Patients will need to take coupons to the pharmacy and present them when getting the prescription filled. Coupons are limited-time offers and may only be used once. Savings with these types of offers may not last long.

A copay assistance program or copay coupon works to lower costs for those who have insurance. A pharmaceutical company collects payment from a patient and their insurance company. So, when there is an option between a brand name or a generic drug it benefits the company to offer a coupon, so they still make a sale. For example, a brand name prescription costs $1000 and a generic prescription costs $100. If the patient has a $20 copay, they will likely choose the brand name since they will pay $20 for either one. The brand name manufacturer will collect $980 from the insurance company.

If the patient’s insurance company changes the copay structure to 20% of the cost, it benefits the brand manufacturer to offer copay assistance. Using the same numbers as before a patient would still pay only $20 for the generic version of the medication, but the brand name would cost $200. Should the brand name manufacturer offer a program to pay the patient back $200 if they choose their drug the patient will choose to get the brand name. The patient ends up with no cost and the brand name manufacturer still gets paid $800 from the insurance company. These programs only help the patient who has insurance.

Receive Monthly Xarelto Discounts
With The Rx Advocates

It is a priority at The Rx Advocates to help patients receive the medications they need at a reasonable price. No one should have to choose between buying needed medications or paying bills. We can help patients save money on over 800 brand name medications. Patient assistance programs set up by pharmaceutical manufacturers can be difficult to navigate. The Rx Advocates can relieve the confusion for you and get the job done quickly.

There is no need for short term coupons or prescription discount cards when you work with The Rx Advocates. You do not even need to make a trip to the pharmacy, your medications can be delivered to your front door. We even take care of refills at no extra cost to you.

Would you like to find out if The Rx Advocates can save you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars on brand name medications every month? We are available to find out if you qualify for patient assistance programs. Contact us to get started right away.

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