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Relpax Coupon & Patient Assistance Programs

Authored by Nicole Colwell, / Medically Reviewed by Dr. Conor Sheehy, PharmD, BCPS
Last Updated: September 13, 2021

Affording the cost of your Relpax prescription may seem overwhelming. It’s a necessary part of your wellness journey, yet sometimes feels financially out of reach. The Rx Advocates are here to assure you that you’re not left to manage this on your own. Though a Relpax coupon or savings card might seem like an attractive quick fix, these often provide short-term relief and may not provide the consistent help you need. We’re here to introduce you to a potentially more impactful solution – patient assistance programs. These are resources offered by pharmaceutical companies that can lead to significant savings on your monthly Relpax cost, often exceeding the savings you’d get from a Relpax coupon.

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Accessing Relpax patient assistance programs with The Rx Advocates

The Rx Advocates offers assistance with obtaining medication through patient assistance programs for patients. We are a nationally recognized prescription advocacy program. Currently, we work with more than 100 United States-based pharmaceutical manufacturers’ patient assistance programs. Our medication list includes the top 100 prescribed medicines in the U.S. We can assist people in obtaining more than 800 FDA-approved medications.

When patients work with The Rx Advocates, they will never encounter any hidden costs or additional fees. Patients pay a set service fee that ranges from $80-$110 per month, depending on the number of medications they need assistance with. There are never any additional charges for medications, which are provided free of charge every month.

The Rx Advocates is not a prescription discount card, insurance plan or coupon. We assist patients with getting the medications they need in order to stay healthy both mentally and physically. When patients work with us, they find that getting their medications is much more affordable.

Potential limitations of using a Relpax coupon

Using a Relpax Coupon can be a practical solution to reduce prescription costs, yet there are some potential issues to keep in mind. These coupons can come with specific usage restrictions, which may restrict their use to certain pharmacies or within a particular time period. Also, if your insurance policy includes a copay accumulator program, the Relpax coupon might not contribute towards your out-of-pocket maximum. This could mean you’re still liable for the full cost of the medication, making the coupon less efficient for overall cost reduction.

In addition, coupons usually come with an expiration date, making them non-beneficial beyond a certain point. Even with the aid of a coupon, the medication’s cost could still be considerable if insurance coverage is insufficient, leading to significant out-of-pocket expenditures.

However, patient assistance programs typically offer more reliable, long-term savings in comparison to coupons. The Rx Advocates are here to guide you through the application process and help you qualify for these programs.

How much does Relpax cost?

As of January 2024, the average retail cost of Relpax is $1,112.00.

The price of Relpax can differ based on a few different factors. It can depend on:

  • The dosage amount
  • The patient’s location
  • The pharmacy’s location
  • Whether the patient has health insurance

This medication comes in the form of an oral tablet, and the dosage is available in 20mg or 40mg.


How much will it cost with The Rx Advocates?


How much will it cost with The Rx Advocates?

If approved, by the Relpax Patient Assistance Program, you’ll be charged a fixed monthly service fee. This fee varies depending on the number of medications you qualify for. For example:

1 Medication

$80 / Month

2 Medications

$90 / Month

3 Medications

$100 / Month

4 Medications

$110 / Month

1 Medication

$80 / Month

2 Medications

$90 / Month

3 Medications

$100 / Month

4 Medications

$110 / Month

NOTE: In addition to our monthly service fee, we charge a one-time enrollment fee of $35. Our service is month-to-month, so if you’re not happy with it, you may cancel at any time.

Eligibility for Relpax patient assistance

In order to qualify for most patient assistance programs, patients must meet the following criteria:
  • Individuals may qualify if they earn up to $40,000 annually.
  • Couples may qualify if they earn up to $60,000 annually.
  • Large families may qualify if they earn up to $100,000 annually.
Guidelines vary from program to program. Please contact us so that we can evaluate your specific situation.

Relpax coupon, discounts, & patient assistance FAQ's

Relpax is a medication that is prescribed to treat acute migraine headaches. Safety and effectiveness have not been established for the pediatric population, so it is currently only available for adult migraine treatment.

Relpax is not for everyone, and certain people should not take this medication. For example, people who have any heart condition should discuss whether this medication is safe for them before taking it.

Relpax is only for migraine headaches. It is not for common tension headaches or other types of headaches.

Relpax should not be used in combination with other migraine headache medicines unless directed by a healthcare provider.

There are currently a handful of other medications that are FDA approved to treat acute migraine headaches. They include: 

Although we do not offer coupons, we would like to explain how a Relpax coupon works. Many people search the Internet for Relpax coupons when prescribed this medication, and for a good reason. It can be very expensive. But coupons sometimes do not offer the type of savings that can really make a difference.

Prescription drug coupons can go by many different names, such as: 

  • Copay cards
  • Copay coupons
  • Copay assistance programs
  • Pharmacy coupons

They typically represent a program that has been funded by the pharmaceutical company to help lower the out-of-pocket drug costs for patients. While this sounds good, these coupons can have their limitations. For example:

  • Coupons are usually only for a limited time. They may help patients get started on the medication at a significantly lower cost. But that savings may not last very long.
  • Some coupons are only for the first prescription a patient gets filled, but they may not cover them for subsequent prescriptions.

A prescription discount card is a card that allows people to receive lower drug costs for their medications. They are most useful for people who have to pay for their medications with cash. They do not cost anything, and they are available to people who have health insurance and those who do not.

Various savings programs negotiate their drug discounts on medications like Relpax. Patients can access those lower prices through their prescription discount cards.

Copay assistance programs or copay coupons are there to help offset the copay cost for prescriptions for those who have health insurance. These programs are not for people who would otherwise have to pay for their medications out of pocket.

Many brand-name medications offer this type of help to encourage providers and patients to choose them over the generic version. Here is an excellent example of how this works. 

Perhaps a patient has a choice between a $1,000 brand-name medication and a $100 generic medication. Under their insurance plan, their copay would be $20 regardless of which one they choose. But with a copay assistance program, the pharmaceutical company makes a lot more money on the brand-name drug. They have made it more attractive to the patient by covering their copay, and their insurance company still has to pay the remaining $980 for the drug.

Get Relpax Discounts Every Month
Through The Rx Advocates

At The Rx Advocates, we want to do everything we can to help people afford their monthly medications. We know how expensive it can be to cover these costs without help. Many patient assistance programs offer discounts, which so many people are unaware of.

Patient assistance programs can be beneficial for people with or without health insurance. They make it possible for people to get the medications they need without having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on them in the process.

Would you like to learn more about how The Rx Advocates can help you better afford your monthly medications? We are here to help. We can check to see if you are eligible and get you started on our program right away. Please contact us for assistance.

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