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Breztri Aerosphere Coupon & Patient Assistance Programs

Authored by Oto Idah, / Medically Reviewed by Dr. Conor Sheehy, PharmD, BCPS
Last Updated: June 6, 2024

Is your Breztri Aerosphere prescription costing you too much? You’re not alone. The cost of medications can be daunting, especially for those lacking adequate insurance coverage. If you’re searching for a Breztri Aerosphere coupon or savings card to ease the financial burden, we understand. At The Rx Advocates, we recognize the challenges many face in affording essential medications like Breztri Aerosphere, and we aim to help.

Our mission is to make prescription drugs more affordable by connecting individuals to patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies. These programs often provide significant savings that surpass the discounts offered by coupons or savings cards. The Breztri Aerosphere patient assistance program benefits a wide variety of people, including those with Medicare Part D coverage. Don’t let financial barriers stand in the way of your health. Let us assist you in accessing the support you need to afford your Breztri Aerosphere prescription and maintain your well-being.

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Patient assistance programs save you more on Breztri Aerosphere

How can The Rx Advocates assist with the cost of Breztri Aerosphere? At The Rx Advocates, we understand the financial strain of affording medications like Breztri Aerosphere. We’re committed to helping individuals access over 800 FDA-approved medications, including the 100 most prescribed in the US. Breztri Aerosphere is a crucial medication, and we recognize how important it is for users to have consistent access without breaking the bank.

Unlike coupons, insurance plans, and discount cards, we provide a consistent, long-term, and stress-free solution to high prescription costs by helping our clients navigate patient assistance programs. We’re not merely a middleman; we are advocates, dedicated to simplifying the application process and ensuring that our clients receive the long-term savings they deserve. We manage the entire application process, preparing and submitting all required documents to pharmaceutical companies. Our regular follow-ups then ensure that applications are received and correctly processed, maximizing chances of approval. We are NOT a Breztri Aerosphere coupon or savings card. Instead, we’re an ally in simplifying the process of accessing patient assistance programs.

The cost of Breztri Aerosphere with The Rx Advocates

Now, let’s talk about pricing. For Breztri Aerosphere alone, our fixed monthly cost is just $80. If you need assistance with multiple medications, we offer transparent pricing that remains unchanged even if retail prices fluctuate. Our pricing model is straightforward:

  • 1 Medication (Breztri Aerosphere only) – $80 per month
  • 2 Medications (Breztri Aerosphere + 1 other) – $90 per month
  • 3 Medications (Breztri Aerosphere + 2 others) – $100 per month
  • 4+ Medications – $110 per month

Importantly, there are no hidden fees. The most you’ll ever pay for four or more medications is $110 per month, ensuring that you receive substantial savings beyond those offered by a simple coupon. We are not just a service; we are your partners in making healthcare affordable. You can trust our dedication. Experience the difference of our unwavering support as we guide you to a healthier, more cost-effective tomorrow.

How much does Breztri Aerosphere cost?

As of April 2024, the average retail cost of Breztri Aerosphere is $763.00.

However, this price varies based on several factors.


The dosage of Breztri Aerosphere prescribed by your healthcare provider can significantly impact the cost of the medication. Typically, higher dosages come with higher price tags. Your doctor will determine the appropriate dosage based on factors such as your age, weight, condition severity, and other medical considerations. Working closely with your healthcare provider will help determine the dosage that best balances therapeutic benefits with affordability.

Patient’s location

Your geographic location can play a significant role in determining the cost of Breztri Aerosphere. Prices for valid prescription medications vary widely from region to region due to differences in healthcare regulations, market competition, and other economic factors.

Pharmacy’s location

The location of the pharmacy where you purchase Breztri Aerosphere can also impact its cost. Pharmacies in different neighborhoods may have varying pricing structures based on factors such as rent, overhead expenses, and local market dynamics. For example, areas with more pharmacies have higher competition and may thus have lower prices. Similarly, pharmacies in upscale neighborhoods or tourist areas may have higher operating costs, leading to higher prices, while those in more affordable areas may offer lower prices. Additionally, chain pharmacies and independent pharmacies may have different pricing policies, further contributing to price variations. Therefore, it’s advisable to compare prices across pharmacies in your area to find the lowest price for Breztri Aerosphere.

Health insurance plan

Whether or not your health insurance company covers prescriptions significantly affects your out-of-pocket cost for Breztri Aerosphere. Those with comprehensive health insurance plans may face reduced out-of-pocket expenses, though copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, and formulary restrictions vary widely across plans. Healthcare policies and insurance coverage also vary by state, further influencing medication costs. Of course, individuals with no or limited health insurance coverage may be required to pay the full retail price for Breztri Aerosphere, which can be prohibitively expensive. In such cases, it may be necessary to explore alternative options, such as patient assistance programs.

Lowering the cost of Breztri Aerosphere

Recognizing the financial strain that high medication costs can impose on individuals, The Rx Advocates is here to help. Our advocacy program specializes in connecting eligible patients with the patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies. By accessing these programs, individuals can significantly reduce or even eliminate their out-of-pocket expenses for Breztri Aerosphere. Don’t let the high cost of medication stand in the way of your health and well-being. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you afford essential medications like Breztri Aerosphere. If approved, you can access your medication for a fixed monthly fee, starting at just $80.


How much will it cost with The Rx Advocates?


How much will it cost with The Rx Advocates?

If approved, by the Breztri Aerosphere Patient Assistance Program, you’ll be charged a fixed monthly service fee. This fee varies depending on the number of medications you qualify for. For example:

1 Medication

$80 / Month

2 Medications

$90 / Month

3 Medications

$100 / Month

4 Medications

$110 / Month

1 Medication

$80 / Month

2 Medications

$90 / Month

3 Medications

$100 / Month

4 Medications

$110 / Month

NOTE: In addition to our monthly service fee, we charge a one-time enrollment fee of $35. Our service is month-to-month, so if you’re not happy with it, you may cancel at any time.

Eligibility requirements for the Breztri Aerosphere patient assistance program

To qualify for services with The Rx Advocates, a patient must meet certain criteria:
  • Individuals may qualify if they earn up to $40,000 annually
  • Couples may qualify if they earn up to $60,000 annually
  • Larger families may qualify if they earn up to $100,000 annually
Patient assistance programs aim to provide financial support to all individuals and families struggling to afford essential medications like Breztri Aerosphere, and it’s important to note that guidelines vary from program to program. Please contact us so that we can evaluate your specific situation and determine the best course of action to help you access the assistance you need. We are committed to helping individuals and families overcome financial barriers to a healthier life.

Disadvantages of a Breztri Aerosphere coupon

Are there any disadvantages to using a Breztri Aerosphere coupon? While Breztri Aerosphere coupons can offer immediate savings, it’s important to be aware of their potential limitations.


Breztri Aerosphere coupons often come with restrictions on usage, such as being valid only at specific pharmacies or for a limited time.

Copay accumulators

Some insurance plans employ copay accumulator programs that prevent Breztri Aerosphere coupons from counting toward a patient’s out-of-pocket maximum. In such cases, patients may remain responsible for the full medication cost, negating the coupon’s benefit.

Expiration dates

All coupons, including Breztri Aerosphere coupons, have expiration dates, after which they become useless.

Limited coverage

Even with a coupon, Breztri Aerosphere may remain expensive, and the balance may not be fully covered by insurance, leaving patients with a significant out-of-pocket expense.

An alternative to Breztri Aerosphere coupons

While coupons can offer immediate financial relief, patient assistance programs provide more sustainable, long-term savings. The Rx Advocates can help you apply and qualify for these programs, ensuring you receive the financial support you need for your Breztri Aerosphere prescription.

What is Breztri Aerosphere used for?

Breztri Aerosphere inhalation aerosol is an oral inhalation medication used primarily to manage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a progressive lung disease characterized by limited airflow and breathing difficulties.

Mechanism of action

Breztri Aerosphere is a triple combination therapy with three active ingredients: budesonide, glycopyrrolate, and formoterol fumarate. It functions by targeting multiple aspects of COPD pathology. Budesonide is a corticosteroid that reduces inflammation in the airways, glycopyrrolate is an anticholinergic agent that relaxes and widens the airways, and formoterol fumarate is a long-acting beta-agonist (LABA) that improves airflow by relaxing the muscles around the airways. This combination of medications allows Breztri Aerosphere to provide comprehensive symptom relief and improve lung function in patients with COPD.

Off-label/secondary use

In addition to its primary use to treat COPD, Breztri Aerosphere is sometimes used off-label to treat other respiratory conditions. However, such uses should be discussed with a healthcare provider.

Available forms and dosages

Breztri Aerosphere is available as an inhalation aerosol for oral use in various strengths, allowing for individualized dosing based on condition severity and patient response. The recommended regimen is to take the prescribed dosage by oral inhalation twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. Patients should not take more than two inhalations twice daily. Breztri Aerosphere is available only as a brand-name drug; there is currently no therapeutically equivalent generic version available in the US.

Adverse effects and interactions

Common side effects of Breztri Aerosphere include thrush (a fungal infection in the mouth or throat), pneumonia, headache, sore throat, cough, back and joint pain, difficulty sleeping, feelings of anxiety, and upper respiratory tract infections. It’s also essential to be aware of Breztri Aerosphere’s potential drug interactions, particularly with other medications that affect heart rhythm or blood pressure.


Understanding the mechanism of action, indications, and potential adverse effects of Breztri Aerosphere is crucial for both patients and healthcare providers to ensure safe and effective treatment outcomes for those using this drug to manage the symptoms of COPD.
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