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Authored by Nicole Colwell, / Medically Reviewed by Dr. Conor Sheehy, PharmD, BCPS
Last Updated: June 7, 2023
It can be a tough affording the cost of your AndroGel medication without the support of insurance, a savings card, or an AndroGel coupon. That’s where we at The Rx Advocates come in. Our aim is to help lessen your financial burden by connecting you to patient assistance programs provided by pharmaceutical companies. These programs frequently offer savings that exceed those provided by a standard AndroGel coupon. We are steadfast in our belief that your access to crucial medication should not be hindered by financial challenges.
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Accessing AndroGel patient assistance programs with The Rx Advocates

The Rx Advocates is a nationally recognized prescription advocacy program. We help people connect with over 100 patient assistance programs. These programs include 800 FDA-approved medications that people need to be healthy. These programs also include the top one hundred prescribed medications in the United States.

The Rx Advocates is not a prescription discount card, coupon, or insurance plan. We help patients get enrolled into pharmaceutical companies’ patient assistance programs so they can have the medications they need at an affordable price. These are medications that help people live their best lives. We help them get those medications with less stress.

AndroGel coupon limitations

Employing an AndroGel Coupon might seem like a beneficial way to decrease your prescription costs, yet there are several potential drawbacks to bear in mind:

  1. Usage Constraints: Coupons often come with conditions on their use, which can limit their application to certain pharmacies or within a specific period.
  2. Insurance Obstacles: If your insurance plan includes a copay accumulator program, the AndroGel coupon may not contribute towards your out-of-pocket maximum. This implies you could end up paying the full cost of the medication, reducing the overall impact of the coupon.
  3. Expiry Dates: Coupons typically carry an expiration date, rendering them ineffective beyond a certain period.
  4. Partial Coverage: Even with a coupon, the medication’s cost may still be significant due to limited insurance coverage, resulting in considerable out-of-pocket expenses.

However, patient assistance programs tend to offer more robust long-term savings compared to coupons. The Rx Advocates can guide you through the process of applying for and qualifying for such programs.

How much does AndroGel cost?

As of September 2022, the average retail cost of AndroGel is $749.22.

There are a few reasons why one patient may pay a higher or lower price than someone else. Costs of living are different in varying parts of the country, causing price differences. Which pharmacy the patient uses can affect the price they pay. Insurance makes a big difference in prices, especially if the patient does not have insurance.

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Eligibility for AndroGel patient assistance programs

To qualify for most patient assistance programs with The Rx Advocates, people must meet the following guidelines:

  • An individual can qualify if they earn up to $40,000 each year.
  • A couple can qualify if they earn up to $60,000 each year.
  • A large family can qualify if they earn up to $100,000 each year.

Pharmaceutical companies can have different requirements for each of their programs. Please contact us soon so we can check to see if you qualify.

AndroGel coupon, discounts, & patient assistance FAQ's

AndroGel (testosterone gel) is a topical testosterone replacement gel. Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone. Testosterone levels rise during puberty and peak in the late teen years. At that point, they level off until a man is around 30. It is normal for testosterone levels to drop slightly every year after 30.

Testosterone plays a part in several body functions. It can play a role in the level of aggressiveness, competitiveness, and self-esteem. Testosterone influences the growth of body hair, muscle, fat, and bones.

Testosterone increases neurotransmitters and the level of other hormones. This encourages muscle growth during exercise. Testosterone also increases bone density. Men with low testosterone may be more likely to get a broken bone. Testosterone also helps men burn fat more efficiently, low levels can cause an increase in body fat.

There are several different causes of low testosterone levels. Metabolic disorders, chemotherapy, medications, and some genetic disorders can all cause low testosterone levels. Alcohol abuse can also lower testosterone levels.

Patients using AndroGel need to be cautious of where they use the topical gel. AndroGel can transfer from the patient’s body to other people. AndroGel should be applied to the upper arms, shoulders, or abdomen, which are areas that are normally covered with clothing. Do not apply AndroGel to any other part of the body.

AndroGel is not meant for use in women and children. If women come in contact with AndroGel they can have changes in body hair and an abnormal increase of acne. Early signs of puberty have happened in children who have accidentally come in contact with AndroGel. There have also been behavioral issues in children who have had contact with AndroGel.

There are FDA-approved alternatives to treat low testosterone levels. They include:

Prescription coupons and patient assistance programs are not the same things. At The Rx Advocates, we do not offer coupons for people to take with them to the pharmacy. We would like to explain how a prescription drug coupon works. When a patient is prescribed AndroGel, they may do an internet search for a coupon.

This is a reasonable activity as prescriptions can be expensive. Some patients cannot continue to use the medication they are prescribed if they do not find a lower price. This is especially true if they have multiple daily medications they need. However, coupons do not always lead to the highest amount of savings available.

An AndroGel coupon may save someone a small amount of money, but it may still have a large out-of-pocket cost. Even with a coupon, some patients cannot afford to get their prescriptions.

Often coupons may only be used one time, then patients will have to pay the full price. Some coupons have great deals for the few months of using the prescription, but then patients have to pay the full price later.

Get AndroGel Discounts Every Month
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Pharmaceutical companies offer patient assistance programs. Patient assistance programs provide name-brand medications at no charge to patients who meet the income guidelines. These programs may not be advertised, and many people might not know they exist.

People who do know about patient assistance programs can try to apply by themselves. The process can be long and confusing. People trying to do it on their own might give up before getting approved. The Rx Advocates can help.

At The Rx Advocates, our goal is to help patients get the monthly medications they need at a price they can afford. We know how expensive AndroGel testosterone gel can be. This is especially true for patients who do not have health insurance.

Patient assistance programs are a huge benefit to people without health insurance. These programs can also help patients that do have health insurance save money if they meet the income requirements. The Rx Advocates can help patients get the medications they need each month without having to stress over the high monthly price.

With The Rx Advocates, the only monthly cost is the service fee.

The Rx Advocates are here to help you. We can check to see if you and your family are eligible for patient assistance programs. To get started right away, please contact us for assistance.

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